Research Project GAČR 205/09/H033

General Relativity and its Applications in  Astrophysics and Cosmology

The project focuses on current topics in general relativity and its applications in astrophysics and cosmology. It puts emphasis on the priorities of (post)graduate training of young scientists: deepening and broadening their education, providing motivation for their research activities and supporting interactions on the national and international academic scene. The requested funds will be used primarily for financial support to promising PhD students and for covering their training and research travel. Specific results will be presented in the form of articles and PhD theses. The proposal is presented jointly by two university departments with accredited bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs, and a research institute of the Academy of Sciences of the CR which is also involved in student training within its accreditation. All three institutions have already prepared, in mutual coordination, a number of PhD students, in recent years also with support of the grant GA CR 205/03/H144 (finished in 2007). The leader team includes recognized researchers as well as junior scientists, recent successful PhD graduates who are embarking on their own careers. The PhD student team is optimally sized for covering the proposed topics and carrying out joint activities. Strong interest of younger students in the subject (12 master's and 12 bachelor's theses are currently supervised by our research groups) indicates there are good prospects for the continuity of the project in the future.