Anabella AraudoValenti Bosch-Ramon, Gustavo E. Romero30 min

Gamma-ray emission from massive stars interacting with AGN jets

Dense populations of stars surround the nuclear regions of galaxies. In active galactic nuclei, these stars can interact with the relativistic jets launched by the supermasive black hole. In this work, we study the interaction of early-type stars with relativistic jets in active galactic nuclei. A bow-shaped double-shock structure is formed as a consequence of the interaction of the jet and the stellar wind of each early-type star. Particles can be accelerated up to relativistic energies in these shocks and emit high-energy radiation. We compute, considering different stellar densities of the galactic core, the gamma-ray emission produced by non-thermal radiative processes. This radiation may be significant in some cases, and its detection might yield valuable information on the properties of the stellar population in the galaxy nucleus, as well as on the relativistic jet. This emission is expected to be particularly relevant for nearby non-blazar sources.