Evgeni KolomeitsevD.N. Voskresensky35 min

Neutrino emissivity of the dense superfluid nuclear matter and neutron star cooling

We discuss influence of various in-medium effects on neutrino emissivity in neutron star matter. Softening of pionic modes in dense nuclear matter leads to a strong enhancement of the emissivity and together with the neutrino emission in processes of breaking and formation of nucleon Cooper pairs (PFB processes) allows for consistent description of the empirical data on neutron star cooling. For a proper inclusion of the in-medium effects it is convenient to use a closed diagram technique, which will be reviewed briefly. The neutrino production is studied in the framework of the Larkin-Migdal-Leggett formalism for superfluid Fermi liquids at finite temperatures. The conserving properties of the Fermi-liquid approach are discussed in the context of the Ward identities for axial and vector baryon currents.