Michał BejgerM. Fortin, P. Haensel, J. L. Zdunik

EOS of heavy and light millisecond pulsars

Recent measurement of a high millisecond pulsar mass (PSR J1614-2230, 1.97±0.04 M⊙) compared to the low mass of PSR J0751+1807 (1.26±0.14 M⊙) indicates a large span of masses of recycled pulsars and suggests a broad range of neutron stars masses at birth. This talk describes the procedure of recovering the pre-accretion masses for these pulsars while taking into account the interaction of the magnetic field with a thin accretion disk, magnetic field decay, information available from the binary evolution and relativistic 2D solutions for stellar configurations for a set of equations of state. The implications of 2 M⊙ neutron star mass measurement on the models of the dense-matter equations of state with hyperons is also briefly discussed.