Wes ArmourA. Karastergiou, C. Williams and M. Giles.40 min

Real-time detection of fast radio transients using Astro-Accelerate and ARTEMIS

Astrophysical radio transients are excellent probes of extreme physical processes originating from compact sources within our Galaxy and beyond. Radio frequency signals emitted from these objects provide a means to study the intervening medium through which they travel. Next generation radio telescopes are designed to explore the vast unexplored parameter space of high time resolution astronomy, but require High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions to process the enormous volumes of data that are produced by these telescopes. In this talk I will introduce GPUs and then talk about Astro-Accelerate, a GPU based library used to accelerate data processing and signal detection for time domain radio astronomy. I will talk about how this software is being used to enable real-time fast transient detection in our current ARTEMIS survey by accelerating the "de-dispersion" step in our software pipeline. I will present performance comparisons from different de-dispersion algorithms and will conclude with future development directions for Astro-Accelerate, ARTEMIS and the challenges posed by the SKA.