John Nousek20 min min

Perspectives on NASA's Plan for the Astrophysics Division (2015 to 2030)

Paul Hertz, Director of NASA's Astrophysics Division, has publicly presented his evolving strategy to advance astrophysics through a carefully articulated plan covering the current decade through the next NRC Decadal Survey, which will extend through 2030. Highlights of this plan include a CAA assessment of NASA's execution of the last Decadal Survey (New Worlds, New Horizons), and the associated technology development and program solicitation opportunities, which will define how future missions after James Webb Space Telescope will be created. From my perspective as member of the Astrophysics Subcommittee and chair of the Physics of the Cosmos Program Analysis Group, I will describe how I see this plan providing the context for astrophysical instrumentation and missions.