Claudio CremaschiniM. Tessarotto; Z. StuchlĂ­k45 min

Theory of non-symmetric kinetic equilibria in collisionless magnetized plasmas

In this talk I will present the fundamentals concerning the Vlasov-Maxwell theory recently established for the kinetic description of non-symmetric equilibria in multi-species collisionless magnetized plasmas. Two different configurations are considered, respectively the case of spatially non-symmetric kinetic equilibria and the case of equilibria which do not exhibit a functional dependence on the single-particle energy (energy-independent equilibria). In terms of the relevant single-particle adiabatic invariants, solutions for the equilibrium kinetic distribution functions are explicitly constructed and expressed by generalized Gaussian distributions. Qualitative properties of these solutions are investigated by making use of a perturbative kinetic theory. This concerns in particular the calculation of the relevant fluid fields and the investigation of the constraints posed by the Maxwell equations. In this regard, both the configurations are shown to exhibit a kinetic dynamo, whereby the equilibrium magnetic field can be self-generated by the equilibrium plasma currents. As a notable feature, energy-independent equilibria are proved to be generally non-neutral and characterized by the absence of the Debye screening effect, while admitting absolute stability criteria with respect to axisymmetric electromagnetic perturbations.