Petr SlanýJiri Kovar; Vladimir Karas; Zdenek Stuchlik25 min

Equilibria of charged dust tori in a dipole magnetic field: hydrodynamic approach

In the talk I will present Newtonian model of non-conductive charged perfect fluid tori orbiting in combined spherical gravitational and dipolar magnetic fields, focusing on stationary, axisymmetric toroidal structures. Matter in such tori exhibits a purely circulatory motion and the resulting convection carries charges into permanent rotation around the symmetry axis. As a main result I will demonstrate possible existence of off-equatorial charged tori and equatorial tori with cusps enabling outflows of matter from the torus also in Newtonian regime. From astrophysical point of view, our investigation can provide an insight into processes determining vertical structure of dusty tori surrounding accretion discs.