Prague Synergy 2013: Abstract

Massimo CappiMassimo Cappi on behalf of the “The Hot and Energetic Universe” white paper contributors20 min

Athena+: The Hot and Energetic Universe

The day after this talk, the Science Programme Committee of ESA will meet to announce a decision on the science themes to be explored by ESA's next two Large (L-class) missions. Based on the recommendations from the Science Survey Senior Committee and ESA’s advisory boards (SSAC, AWG, SSEWG, FPAG), the Director of Science and Robotic exploration is proposing to SPC to put forward “the Hot and Energetic Universe” as the science theme for L2 (and “the Gravitational Universe” for L3). This science theme, its fundamental questions to be addressed (How did ordinary matter assemble into the large scale structures we see today? and how do Black Holes grow and shape the Universe?), and the Athena+ straw man mission concept proposed to address this theme will be briefly presented.