Prague Synergy 2013: Abstract

René GoosmannFrederic Marin; C. Martin Gaskell20 min

Monte Carlo Methods for Radiative Transfer in Active Galactic Nuclei

Self-consistent radiative transfer inside the complex structure of active galactic nuclei (AGN) is a challenge. Monte Carlo methods can help by taking into account multiple reprocessing and scattering effects between the accretion disk, its corona, the broad and narrow line region, and the circumnuclear dust. I point out recent spectroscopic and polarization modeling with Monte Carlo codes and review the progress in our understanding of the accretion flow from the X-ray to the infrared range. We currently investigate the impact of azimuthally inhomogeneous accretion disks on the spectral and polarization profile of broad emission lines in AGN. We draw the preliminary conclusion that, in a number of objects, the disk luminosity has a strong off-axis contribution. If confirmed, these results put important observational constraints on the hydro-dynamical modeling of the accretion flow.