Prague Synergy 2013: Abstract

Pavel Bakala

Compact Star Dipole Magnetic Field on the Background of Hartle-Thorne Spacetime Geometry

We study the solution of Maxwell equations for the electromagnetic field of slowly rotating compact neutron stars. The external gravitational field is described by the Hartle-Thorne spacetime geometry, the magnetic field possesses the standard dipole character. Using a fully-relativistic approach, we determine the perturbative expansion of a four-potential of electromagnetic field of a star and appropriate components of the tensor of the electromagnetic field. The intensity of an electric component of the field, induced by the star rotation and magnetic field strength, are studied both for static observers at infinity and Keplerian orbiting observers. For simplicity, we assume the symmetry axis of the magnetic dipole identical with rotation axis (zero declination) and infinitely conductive star interior implying force lines frozen into the star and dragged by its rotation.